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KPS, new distributtor Cricut® Spain, Portugal & Andorra

KPS Group is pleased to present the new distribution in Spain, Andorra and Portugal of Cricut®.


What is Cricut®?

Simply put, it is an intelligent cutting machine known as the “perfect entry point to the world of precision crafts”.

It is important to know that these machines are not only used for cutting paper. They are made to cut a wide variety of materials with incredible shapes. Vinyl is another material associated with cutting plotters, as well as felt, cardstock and many others – they can even cut wood!

In addition to cutting all kinds of materials, they can also draw and write with pens and mark material for neat and easy folding.


Add a little bit of you and show off your creative skills.

Since the launch of the first original Cricut® cutting machine, users themselves have inspired the brand with their incredible creations. That’s why Cricut@ is continuously evolving in the design and creation of tools that users need to live the most creative life possible.

Cricut changes everything.

It can cut fabrics, leather, paper, and balsa wood with impeccable precision. Cut sewing patterns in a few clicks. And it puts at your disposal more creative possibilities than ever. Cricut is the ultimate smart cutting machine.


Welcome to the new DIY fashion

DIY is the abbreviation for Do It Yourself, the new craze for doing it yourself.

It is a term that came from the United States and that in recent years is very fashionable, with a huge following, to refer to things that we can do ourselves with recycled materials or materials that we find in art and craft stores, but thanks to our work we turn them into beautiful handmade objects.

In addition, we find a huge list of related terms that dilute the boundaries between their definitions: Makers, craft… It is curious to note the growing popularity of this term, or rather, the culture that it brings behind it.

The DIY or craft culture is experiencing unprecedented growth and is here to stay. There are almost countless blogs and bloggers who claim to follow the DIY culture, and Cricut® with the help of KPS, makes this movement available to everyone in Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

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Thousands of GoPro community members, users and HERO8 Black + MAX enthusiasts around the globe tuned in to the GoPro YouTube channel this morning to see if this was their lucky day. Did they earn their equal cut of $1 million and join the elite group of GoPro Award recipients included in the Million Dollar Challenge highlight video? One two-minute video would decide their fate.

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